What is the history of YES Home?

What are the admission requirements?

What treatment and services do you provide?

How long is a juvenile allowed to stay?

What about the staff?

How do you prepare the residents for adulthood?


What is the history of YES Home?

Youth Encouragement Services, Inc., YES, is a non-profit organization founded to meet the needs of the children of Dearborn County. It's membership is composed of interested citizens from the fields of education, law enforcement, public welfare and community churches.

Dearborn County YES Home, located off Ind. 48 in Aurora, IN is a emergency and long-term residential facility serving abused, abandoned and neglected children and those youths classified as status offenders.

The home was founded in 1981 through the cooperative efforts of YES Inc. and Dearborn County government officials and is situated on land leased from the county.

The YES Home, licensed by the Indiana Department of Public Welfare to serve a maximum of ten children, accepts referrals from juvenile courts,Department of Public Welfare, parents or child service agencies in Dearborn County.

The YES Home is supported by fees, United Fund, memberships, contributions and fund-raising activities.


What are the admission requirements?

The YES Home serves boys and girls from the ages of 6 to 18. The program of the home is designed to serve the needs of children classified as truants, runaways and incorrigibles, or abused, neglected or abandoned children.

The home cannot accept adjudicated delinquents, the severely handicapped or children with severe emotional problems.

To refer a child to the YES Home, a pre-placement application must be completed and submitted. Applications may be obtained by writing to Youth Encouragement Services, Inc., 11636 County Farm Road, Aurora, IN 47001, call 812-926-0110, or email at info@yeshome.org.

Applications will be individually evaluated and, if placement in the home is determined to be appropriate, the referral agency will be contacted for further information.


What treatment and services do you provide?

It is the objective of the program to provide a home-like setting which approximates somewhat a family-living experience. Children are expected to share in the functions of the home by assuming daily living responsibilities. Routine discipline is handled by staff under the guidance of a director.

Individual and group therapy, family counseling, behavior modification and activity therapy are provided by the following community agencies: Community Mental Health, Lifeworks Counseling, Whites Home Based Services, and Preventive Aftercare.

Participation in school, community and church activities is strongly encouraged. Residents help RSVP with social gatherings, March in Parades for United Fund, and help Big Brother Big Sister programs with some of their events for younger children. Giving back to the Community is something YES tries to instill in residents.

YES realizes that for the youths, removal from home is a traumatic experience, and we will make every attempt possible to keep children in their home schools and transport or arrange transportation through Catch A Ride. This eases their stress and keeps them in their community.


How long is a juvenile allowed to stay?

YES is both an emergency care shelter, (up to 60 days) and a long term facility (indefinite - usually residents are in care for a school semester or one to two years).

The ultimate goal of YES is to reunite the child with the family, whenever possible. When the situation is unfavorable in the home, placement in foster care is considered when available, or remaining at YES may be the alternative until a foster home can be located.


What about the staff?

The staff includes a Director, Program Coordinator, and Operations Manager.

The Director oversees the operation of the home, provides counseling and determines a treatment program designed to fit the individual needs of each child.

Our House Manager oversees the day to day operations of the facility.

Trained Resident Technicians provide nurturance, discipline, and guidance on a 24 hour supervision.

The staff is augmented when necessary by qualified community professionals.


How do you prepare the residents for adulthood?


Independent Living Skills are being taught to residents. We are using the Ansell Casey life skills assessment, which determines individual life skills for each resident. This assessment provides us the basis to teach each resident at their individual level.

Groups and field trips will be implemented for residents, to teach them the skills they need as they approach adulthood.

Areas covered:

bull1 Finances
bull2 Budgeting
bull3 Seeking a Job
bull4 Cooking
bull5 Shopping
bull6 Laundry
bull7 Where and How to Get Insurance
bull8 A Driver's Licence
bull9 etc.


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