A Way to Get Involved
We desperately need to help kids who are going back to their home after staying at YES Home, to give them a network and a source of support.
If you would like to sponsor a teenager, and help financially, please contact us.
Sponsor Success Story

"Josh" was a teenage boy, who after spending after six months at the YES Home, returned home. Within walking distance to his home was a workout gym. It was our vision to sponsor him to have a gym pass for 6 months, in order to provide him a place in the community where he could go. Thanks to sponsors like you, we were able to provide for him a membership, which helped him continue in using the coping skills he had learned at the YES Home, and in addition, to provide potential for mentoring and the confidence he would need for a future job. After his time spent at the YES Home, this young man has remarkably improved his grades in school, going from all F's to B's and C's. We are so pround of his achievements, and that he is doing so incredibly well now that he's back home. Thank you for sponsoring this young man, and placing value in his future.

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